More about Billing

More about Billing

The Bynes Company Office Solutions, LLC prides itself with providing clients with exceptional customer service. However, there may be times when clients are unable to make their payment[s]. Taking care of family or loss of employment or declining sales can be reasons why payments are missed. We took this into consideration and created a subscription billing program. See policy.

Our Subscription Billing Program

“A Perfect Way to Avoid Late Fees and Collections”

Clients agree to pay The Bynes Company Office Solutions, LLC for services rendered. Rates are reviewed and agreed between TBC and client. The client agrees to pay according to the type and size of project as well as adhere to any billing schedule.

Method of Payment | Deposit | When Payments are Due | Late fees | Other Charges

The Bynes Company Office Solutions, LLC will supply (Services) listed on our websites,, and via our subscription billing program. Please read these terms and conditions carefully before ordering our services. You should understand that by ordering services, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

Method of Payment

The Bynes Company Office Solutions, LLC receives payment via debit/credit card. Your payment type and data will be stored on our secured gateway servers.


50% deposit is required before services are rendered for large projects that does not require a billing schedule. The remaining balance will be charged before completion of project.

When Payments are Due

Invoices are sent immediately at the time of order and prior to completion of project or per billing agreement[s] and schedule[s].

Retainer Packages – Deposits are required at the start of service. Purchased hours are billed according to billing agreement[s] and schedule[s].

Long term Projects – 50% deposit is required at the start of service. Invoices are billing according to billing agreement[s] and schedule[s].

Late fees

Our billing/subscription program was designed for making payments easier. It was also set up to avoid accruing late and collection fees. A $20.00 late fee will be applied to all invoices for non-payment after one [1] day.

Reason for late fees – declined method of payment. Contact our billing department to make arrangements for payment.

Other charges

To cover additional expenses, surcharges will be applied to invoices. Surcharges such as DELIVERY/PICK-UP, RUSH, HOLIDAY.