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How Can The Bynes Company Help Me?

General office support involves a variety of tasks necessary to keep a business running smoothly. While huge corporations that have departments of people dedicated to marketing, customer support, sales, human resource, etc., more than likely, it’s just a few people running all of these departments in smaller companies. Fortunately, we offer customizable plans for these small businesses.

Our Work Powers Your Business

Ask us how we can improve productivity and efficiency in your office.
Whether its customer service, administrative or personnel support, we’re confident we can help.

Human Resources Services

Tracking employee hours, assisting with open enrollment, overseeing orientation and training.

Social Media Management

Analyzing social media audiences and developing a strategy; monitoring online conversations.

Employee Pre-Screening

Verifying information; perform a screening during the interview process to assist in the hiring decision.

Business Management

No matter how large your
organization is, we can help you with your back office tasks. Administrative, General Office, Clerical, Data Entry.

Billing/Invoice Mgmt

Support for A/P and A/P is just a click away. We are available to assist you with your invoices. Account receivable | Account
payable support.

Contact Management

Email is the most popular form of communication. Spend time more effectively by delegating
your email management.
Email organization and more.

The Bynes Company was very supportive with our project! We hired their team in the middle of the second phase and they took the lead. Nice job!

Ralph Kent

Founder/ CEO

Frann and Kendra are fun to work with. We told them what we needed and they took it over from there. We will use them again.

Ashlee Tina

Founder/ CEO

HR can be complex. However, The Bynes Company managed to sift through our files with their audits. Thank you!

Jane Kirsch

Founder/ CEO