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Service Overview

The Bynes Company provides back office support services to help you run your operations efficiently. For a business owner, time is currency. A professional assistant can provide help with your tasks so you can focus on revenue generated tasks effectively.

  • Title companies
  • Education
  • Insurance
  • Finance companies
  • Homeowners associations
  • Healthcare
  • Entertainment
  • Technology

Solutions We Offer

Providing the best back office assistant for your business, our office support team is the perfect solution for your business. We are trained to handle all of your tasks for your business.

Human Resources Services

Tracking employee hours, assisting with open enrollment, overseeing orientation and training.

Social Media Management

Analyzing social media audiences and developing a strategy; monitoring online conversations.

Employee Pre-Screening

Verifying information; perform a screening during the interview process to assist in the hiring decision.

Business Management

No matter how large your
organization is, we can help you with your back office tasks. Administrative, General Office, Clerical, Data Entry.

Billing/Invoice Mgmt

Support for A/P and A/P is just a click away. We are available to assist you with your invoices. Account receivable | Account
payable support.

Contact Management

Email is the most popular form of communication. Spend time more effectively by delegating
your email management.
Email organization and more.

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Benefits of Hiring an Office Support Service

  • No employee benefit premiums
  • No vacation or sick pay
  • No taxes or Workman’s comp
  • No employee compliance issues
  • Short and Long Term Projects

Florida Notary Facts

Mobile Notary Services

A mobile notary is necessary if you’re in Florida and trying to finalize a legally binding agreement. A notary will officially witness your identity by signing and acknowledging that you are who you say, essentially giving it the stamp of authenticity. If a document needs a copy certification or affirmation at the end (like an affidavit) then it’s important to have one of these.

The Florida Statutes section on notarization is clear: notaries in Florida must refuse to notarize a document where the information is either missing or illegible. If the signer presents an unreadable signature, the notary should refuse to notarize the document.

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Additional Services

Data Entry

No matter how large your organization is, we can help you with your data entry projects.


Support for A/P and A/R is just a click away. We are available to assist you with your billing needs.

Email Management

Email is the most popular form of communication. Delegate your email tasks to us.

Courier Support

Through scheduled appointments, we provide pick up and delivery of letters, small packages and lab specimen.

Social Media Marketing

We help you increase your online presence across your social media platforms.

HR Compliance

We work with you to safeguard your company by performing audits to ensure compliance.

Affordable Plans Available ↗

Speak with a representative to discuss plan options.

On Premise Support Available ↗

Hire an assistant to come to your office to assist.

Arrange for Mobile Notary Services

A Notary can come to you to sign your documents.

The Bynes Company was very supportive with our project! We hired their team in the middle of the second phase and they took the lead. Nice job!

Ralph Kent

Founder/ CEO

Frann and Kendra are fun to work with. We told them what we needed and they took it over from there. We will use them again.

Ashlee Tina

Founder/ CEO

HR can be complex. However, The Bynes Company managed to sift through our files with their audits. Thank you!

Jane Kirsch

Founder/ CEO

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To Achieve Their Business Goal

Tracking progress, measuring successes, and recognizing what can be improved for

future campaigns can help identify any potential issues.

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